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I am often asked Why I do What I do.

My answer to that question is a deeply personal story.

My passion to financially protect others was fueled years ago, by the loss of my sweet sister Pauline.

Pauline was diagnosed with a terrible disease.

Treatment was started and the insurance agent at that time advised my mother to cancel the life insurance policy that she had for years that covered my sister.

The Agent then had my Mother purchase a new policy but the new policy, unaware to my Mom at that time, the new policy did not take effect for two years. 

Sadly, my sister passed away from Cancer just six months later.

Due to that bad advice, at a time when we should have been focusing on our loss, we were also burdened with the unplanned costs of my sister’s funeral. 

That’s why my goal is to “protect your future” by discovering, planning and implementing solutions that address every aspect of your need.

Thank you for listening.


David J. Murry


 Pauline Murry